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10 Facts you didn’t know about Donald Trump!

If you are an American citizen or any other person who is aware of what’s going on around the world, then I am sure you might have heard a lot about Donald Trump in the recent times.

I don’t even want to know the reasons why he is being talked about so much, but I hope you get what I am trying to say though! 😉

Anyway, Donald Trump really didn’t come out of nowhere to stand up as a candidate in the USA presidential elections. We already know that Donald Trump is a real estate mogul and dominates the industry since the early 1970s!

He has also been a television personality as well as an author and now we all know what he is up to, he is contesting the USA presidential elections.

For those who don’t know much about Donald Trump, we are compiling this post of 10 Facts that we are sure you didn’t know about Donald Trump!


1. He holds a Golden ‘RAZZIE’ Raspberry award

Golden ‘RAZZIE’ Raspberry award

Image Source

He is definitely not a full-time actor but he has performed a cameo role in the movie named Ghosts can’t do it in 1990. The movie was not a hit and hence the RAZZIE award. If you didn’t already knew, RAZZIES are just like Oscars, except that they are only awarded to bad movies.


2. Donald Trump has not one, not two but several different companies!

Donald Trump has several different companies!

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Donald Trump has established his name in a wide variety of industries by his different companies.

Real estate, Hospitality, Ice cream, Catering, Entertainment, Mortgages, Restaurants, Online Travel, Men’s wear, Fragrance, Golf, Transport and even Vodka. We might have missed some of the other industries here but aren’t the ones we have listed enough?


3. He has his own Board Game!

Donald Trump has his own Board Game!

Image Source

His is the only presidential candidate till date (2015) who has his own board game and the game is interestingly known as Trump – The Game.

It was released back in 1988 and it is basically a game on the same lines of Monopoly in which you have to invest and earn in Real Estate while trying to bankrupt your own competitors. It was discontinued after the sales were dismal and the reviews were BAD.


4. He didn’t/doesn’t believe President Obama on his birthplace!

Image Source

Have you heard about the BIRTHER movement?

Donald Trump was an activist in the movement that was started to find out the REAL birthplace of the current President Obama. Even though Obama released his birth certificate that said he was born in Hawaii, Donald Trump was one of those people who termed the document as a fake!


5. Trump sued comedian Bill Maher over a joke!

Trump sued comedian Bill Maher over a joke!

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In 2013, Bill Maher who happens to be a world known comedian, actor, author and many other talents in one, jokingly accused Donald Trump to be a son of a Monkey. He also offered $5,000,000 to anyone who proved he is the son of a real Human Being.

Donald Trump then replied with his birth certificate and later on sued Maher when he didn’t pay the $5,000,000 only to drop the charges later.


6. Trump ALSO sued a journalist for wrongly calculating his net worth

Trump sued a journalist for wrongly calculating his net worth

Image Source

Donald Trump sued Timothy O’Brian who is a New York Times author because he miscalculated Trump’s net worth to be $150-250 million. Trump replied to his and said he was worth billions in reality. The case was later dismissed by the court.


7. Trump’s favorite catchphrase is “You’re fired!”

You’re fired!

Image Source

Donald Trump is known to use “You’re fired!” as his catchphrase. The origin of this catchphrase goes back to 2004 when NBC used to air his own reality TV show named The Celebrity Apprentice.

The aim of the show was to find a head of one of Trump’s own companies and while eliminating any contestant, he used to use the same catchphrase.


8. Trump owns the Miss Universe organization since 1996

Image Source

Not only that but he also produces Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants across USA. If you all remember, Trump made a controversial regarding Mexicans in his 2016 presidential campaign. After that NBC has parted ways and doesn’t air the pageant anymore.

9. Trump has authored over 50 books

Trump has authored over 50 books

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Believe it or not but Donald Trump has authored about 50 books till date and the very first book named The Art of the Deal was published back in 1987. As per Trump, it is the best selling business book of all time.

10. Trump owns a jet worth $100,000,000

Trump owns a jet worth $100,000,000

Image Source

Trump is an avid collector of planes and has outfitted his private jet with gold plating all over. This also includes the 24-carat gold plated seat belt. All this makes the jet worth a $100,000,000.

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