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10 Phobias you have never ever heard about – 4th one is kinda weird

Every one of us is afraid of something. It might be a fear of heights, or a fear of dogs or even a fear of water.

Each one of us has some kind of phobia and if someone says they don’t fear anything, they are clearly lying.

Here are 10 phobias you might have never ever heard of.

1. Pediophobia – Fear of dolls


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If you think by fear of dolls I mean just scary dolls, you are wrong! People who have Pediophobia are afraid of all kinds of dolls no matter how beautiful they are. Just think of a toddler who can’t even speak and had Pediophobia and you are giving him a doll to play with. How terrifying would it be for him?

2. Agyrophobia – Fear of Crossing the Street


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This is not just your normal afraid-of-turning-into-jelly-by-a-truck sort of fear, this one is proper irrational fear of crossing the street. Agyrophobics are afraid of crossing not only wide highways but they even fear small one lane roads. The word originates from the Greek “gyrus” which means “turning or whirling as the phobic avoids the whirl of traffic.”

3. Automatonophobia – Fear of a Ventriloquist’s Dummy


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Much like how some people are very much fearful of clowns – this one also can be agreed upon.  Ventriloquist masks are pretty creepy, the whole act is pretty creepy. I think it’s fair to say, suffering from Automatonophobia is not the worst of these.

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4. Arachibutyrophobia – Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of your Mouth

Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. This one was too funny to pass up! For ODC, Phobia

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This one is a odd one and it’s very hard to find much information on it but it seems that bizarrely enough it is legitimate – people who suffer from Arachibutyrophobia might start to sweat excessively whenever around peanut butter. As strange as that sounds, they might also start feeling an itch on the roof of their mouth, which just won’t go away. An easy way to avoid this disorder would be to just not buy peanut butter.

5. Pentheraphobia – Fear of Mother-in-Law


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Possibly the most common of the fears, Pentheraphobia is the fear of your mother-in-law. Now you have a name for it, just hope that your mother-in-law is not a big fan of peanut butter at the same time. There are many therapies for this disorder – divorce being the most popular one.

6. Cathisophobia – Fear of Sitting


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Cathisophobia might also sometimes be spelled with a K is the fear of sitting. This disorder might be caused by trauma caused on the person in their younger days – perhaps they were made to sit on sharp or painful objects. Cathisophobia might cause a person to sweat heavily, have heavy or short breathe and suffer from anxiety while sitting. Not good for someone in a wheelchair.

7. Demonophobia – Fear of Demons


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This is an odd because rationally you should be very afraid of demons… if they existed. But they don’t, and thus the fear of something that does not exist is extremely irrational. Just don’t watch any horror movies alright?

8. Deipnophobia – Fear of Dinner Conversation


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Dinner conversations can sometimes become very awkward – but having an irrational fear of them can make the situation worse. The best way to avoid the trauma would be to just not attend dinner invites. It might be rude but it would be worse when you start getting anxious and furiously sweating when making a conversation on the dinner table.  

9. Eisoptrophobia – Fear of Mirrors


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Eisoptrophobia isn’t exactly a fear of mirrors – since a mirror is nothing but your reflection. It’s more of a fear of .. being in contact with a higher spiritual world, via the mirror. Much the like the fear of demons this fear is also highly irrational. There is also a branch of the phobia in which the sufferers don’t like to see themselves in a mirror when they are alone in fear of seeing someone behind them.

10. Mageirocophobia – Fear of Cooking


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Cooking can get dangerous when you don’t know what you are doing – but having an irrational fear of cooking can be unhealthy, because then you would suffer from Mageirocophobia. The word comes from the Greek word “mageirokos” which means “a person skilled in cooking.” Quite the opposite. People who suffer from Mageirocophobia not only have an irrational fear of cooking but they could also feel very intimidated by people with skills in cooking. So basically every chef ever.

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