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10 Things we can do to appreciate women we love!

We all know this that we wouldn’t be able to do a single chore without the blessed women we have in our lives. As clichéd as it may sound, but we gotta admit, that they are ones that add colour to our lives, fill joy and happiness around us and give us their patient ears when the entire world has turned its head against us. As it is Women’s Appreciation day coming, why not thank our lovely ladies and tell them what they mean to us.

Bring her Breakfast in Bed-

Sounds like a plan, isn’t it? Before she opens her eyes, present her with a small breakfast served right before her eyes, and see the reaction that she has!


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Leave a thank you note-

Just write a simple thank you note and leave it in her purse or may be where it’s easy for her to find it. You may agree or not, but a single quote written straight from heart, does wonders to a women’s state of mind!


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Compliment her-

O they love it. At any point of time. Be it about their looks, or their hair, or their shoes, or their dress or the food that they prepare for you..anything.. All you need to do is compliment them, genuinely.. And they will give their million dollar smile to you.


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Switch your duties-

Make a plan and stick to it. Ask her to do what she likes the most and you handle the work that she does. Food, laundry, cleaning, whatever it is.. allow her to indulge in things she really enjoys.


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Book a spa-

If you have too much of work at your end and can’t take a leave from work, then book a spa for her. Nothing is better than pampering oneself! She will be super happy with you and who knows she might surprise you in the evening!


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Show her your heart-

If you couldn’t do anything all day, then no problem at all. Simply bring a bunch of flowers for her and share what you have in your heart to her. A small cosy quality talk will do wonders to your relationship. Tell her what she means to you and how you can’t live without her!


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Invite her for a surprise dinner-

Without her knowledge, show up at the venue with all the arrangements planned. A candle light dinner, champagne and some good music. Perfect way to celebrate her.


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Be Interested-

Give all your attention to her. Stay interested in what she has to do. Notice her. Her small talks, the coffee that she likes.. and tell her things that you really admire about her.


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Long drives-

As old as they may get, they are the perfect way to end your day. Go for a drive in the evening. Hold her hand. Grab an ice-cream and share about what you did all day. It will be more than enough for her.


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Respect her-

You will vary on lot many terms when it will be about plans, kids, events, family and what not. Respect her opinions and not just walk all over them.


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