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10 Time tested signs of assurance he loves you!

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You love him but not sure whether he reciprocates your feelings? Here are 10 signals that will assure you –


  1. He will include you in his social life

    That’s the start. If he loves you then the first thing he will do is introduce you to his family. He is looking at a future with you, together.22

  2. He will share his dream

    He will open up to you. In general, guys express less with words. But in your case he will talk for hours. He will share all his plans with you.  He knows in his mind and heart that you are his lady love.33

  3. He supports your plans and dreams

    Yes, he will be all ears. Whenever you open up, you will find him. Rest assured he is taking notes in his mind. He cares for you and your dreams. He loves you.44

  4. He will boast your achievement and talent

    He will be more than eager to express his happiness and joy loud in the open. Be it small or big, he’ll never stop boasting about it. He never stops showing his love.55

  5. He listens to you and values your opinion

    You have an opinion about something? He will listen to it and try to implement it. This is because you are important to him. The special one in his life.66

  6. He will change his plans

    Anything that is important to you is important to him. He will either rework on his plan or drop it entirely to give you priority.77

  7. He will pamper you

    You are the queen of his heart. He will shower care, cuddle and love at the same time and ready to walk extra mile to see you smile.88

  8. He will be there when you are sick

    This is the time he just can’t let himself away from you. He will be worried about his lady love.99

  9. He will love the way you are

    You don’t have to be a beauty pageant to woo him. He will love you with your flaws and faults.10

  10. He puts effort

    He creates a romantic environment, not always with chocolates, cakes or a candlelight dinner but something more meaningful. He will work silently and tirelessly to make things easier for you.111


Love is all about chemistry of understanding each other. So, understand and love more.