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15 Gadgets Every Booze Lover Needs


Party time!! At this occasion, a lot of drinks has been served or your dear one surely hands or offers you some drinks. Now it is time to open the con of the bottle. These tools are amazing which you used for opening. So easy to open!! Let’s we explore the information of the various gadgets used to open the con of bottles.
Wine Air Cork – It is a wine stopper which is used to cover leftover wine by pumping up the balloon in a fashionable way.

Wine Air Cork


Cocktail Umbrellas – It is the best drink which reminds of summer party.

Cocktail Umbrellas

Bar10der – It is actually a small bartending tool that saves time and available in blue and green option.



Sonic Foamer – This drink is the best drink and your guests will never forget after taking this drink.

Sonic Foamer


Half a Glass of Wine – At the point, when your visitors request only a half glass serve it to them in this. They’ll feel as extraordinary, just as the glass was made particularly for them.

Half a Glass of Wine


Whiskey Block Rocks – This is classy and coolest way to serve a drink on ice.

Whiskey Block Rocks


Perfect Drink Making Scale with App – Available at an affordable price, serves this drink with this app and scale set.

Perfect Drink Making Scale with App


Champagne Shot Glass – This drink is like a shot which your guest definitely will enjoy on taking.

Champagne Shot Glass

Beer Corkcicle – It is meant for those people who intend to drink straight from the bottle. This gadget is good who keeps the drink cold and closed safely.

 Beer Corkcicle


Fizz Saver Mix Dispenser – It is the coolest or classiest way to serve drink from a 2-liter bottle.

Fizz Saver Mix Dispenser


Bottle Popper – It is best, easy to use or travel with and pop out in a moment the cork of the bottle.

Bottle Popper


Champagne Cork Comet – It will add more fun when touch in the night.

Champagne Cork Comet


Beer Tasting Flight – This is the most efficient or impressive way to serve the drinks to dear customers.

Beer Tasting Flight


Tequila Gun – Serves the drink by a Gun and will definitely amaze the persons.

Tequila Gun


Margarita Mixer – Your guest will feel pleasure and thank you.

Margarita Mixer

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