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16 Reasons you’re drowned in your Cat’s love!

Well, yes you are! They’re your companion at every possible place. They’ll be around indoors and ready to give you company outside as well. They’re constantly moving around, wandering in the house in the middle of night, purring in your ears, lurking on your stomach and that is what that makes them even more special. I’m gonna mention here 16 Reasons you’re drowned in your Cat’s love!

1. Your Companion-

You and your cat do everything together. Be it opening the door, or getting milk from the refrigerator or even taking a call, your cat is always around you doing things together. And by everything, we mean everything!


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2. Perfect Alarm Clock-

After a long night’s sleep, may be eight hours in a row, when you start your day with your cat sitting right in front of your eyes, with a happy face, waiting only for you to open your eyes. What a perfect way to begin your morning, isn’t it?


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3. Warm Welcome from your Cat-

There is no better way to enter your home than being greeted by your cat, which is desperately waiting for you to be home. It feels heart warming. Doesn’t it?


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4. We love to Adore them-

That feeling when you play with your cat’s fur. Their silky soft hair and the chubby cheeks is a perfect way to show your love to them!


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5. Feeling the paws on yourself-

That awkward moment when you see your cat lounging all over you, nonchalantly!


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6.  Scratches become a daily business-

There are few things that we never fail to don on ourselves- our wrist watch, bracelet, perfume, pen, and bag and of course the scratches! They’re like a daily affair, not necessarily the angry ones but a sign of love altogether!

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7. Sleeping together-

You don’t mind at all when they’re sleeping.. may be on you, may be on your head, may be by your side.. it’s like sharing the same hobby together.

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8. You give them Everything-

From toys, to food, to jungle gyms.. and when it is their birthday coming up, you go all banana over it. You just can’t ignore those wide, innocent, hopeful eyes longing to get more things from you

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9. They become a part of your Outings-

O you don’t want to hang out alone, without your cat, do you? It’s so hard leaving them all alone and so they come where you go.

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10. Working gets worrisome-

Typing becomes totally a workout. Anytime they see you working, they automatically feel this need to be with you and with you I totally mean, may be on your working equipment!

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11. Your Cat is one fancy thing you own-

Turning upside down, giving that snobby look to your friend, littering all over, dropping things all over the floor, and then expecting you to pick it up all up.. woah! We really need to learn this from them.

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12. Dog people v/s Cat people-

When you have a kitty phone case, and a laptop cover, and a tee, and a clock, a Facebook profile picture, no doubt you’re a cat person and you totally love being one.

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13. Indoor-

They’re good indoors and not required to be taken out every now and then. It is a relief sometimes, when you’re home all tired and all you need to do is sit next to your cat and start playing with it, without worrying of taking it out!

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14. The gap they fill-

Not to mention the gap they fill in our lives with their small daily activities, only to realize we can’t spend a single moment without them and you enjoy every bit of it!


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15. You’re always there-

Well yes, you’re always there for them when are all stressed out!



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16. And vice-versa-

And they are obviously there for us, listening to our woes and calming us down with their sweet gestures.


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