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21 SuperCool Things You Can Do With Beer!

Beer is Good, Beer is Awesome!. But, do you know that you can do a lot more than just drinking it?  Here are some awesome ideas for beer fans!.



Make A Chandelier!

Too many beer bottles? Create this awesome chandelier for your room. Your friends will love it!

Beer Bottle Chandelier


An Armour!

You can create armour with old beer cans!

Beer Can armour

Or A Boat!

This boat looks awesome! (Though, I doubt how long it will go)

Beer can boat

Bath in it.

Beer is awesome for skin and it can cure a number of skin diseases too! [Source]Mix a full bottle in your tub for a super smooth skin!

Beer Bath

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It may sound strange but beer can do wonders to your hairs! Beer is rich in proteins and helps repair the damaged hairs! Make sure to leave the beer overnight to de-carbonate it 😉

Beer hair wash

DIY Beer Cap Table

Got too many Beer caps? This cool DIY table is waiting for you!

DIY beer cap table

Beer Can Chicken!

Yummy! That’s the first word comes to my mind when I tasted this “beer chicken”. It can be done both in barbecue and oven and results are equally awesome! Just try this out [Source]

Beer can chicken

Slug Trap

Slugs too love beer! And we have a proof for it! place this in your garden and you are all set!

Beer catch

Polish your furniture

Just apply some beer and rub with a soft cloth!

Beer Polish furniture

Stain Removal

Got some stains? Try rubbing it with beer before calling stain removal team 😉

Beer stain Removal


Is beer batch too much for you? try adding beer as a base instead of water in your regular facepack you use!

Beer Facepack

Beer for sleeping

A beer without alcohol can help can help you in sleep for sure! [source]

Beer insomnia sleep

Beer Candy!

Ali at “threebakingsheetstothewind” has an awesome beer candy to share with us! (I haven’t tried it yet but it looks awesome!)

Beer Candies

Cook Rice with beer!

Next time when you cook rice, try beer instead of water. Here is the recipe

Cook rice with beer

Beer Dip

Make a beer dip, its easy!

Beer dip

Pass a Kidney Stone

Beer can help if you have stones, its proven that beer works in passing kidney stones as per Dr. Larry L. Alexander, M.D., medical director of Central Florida Regional Hospital’s emergency department.

Beer helps in kidney stones

Stomach ache? Try beer

Beer can sooth your tummy. As its carbonated, it just works like soda drinks plus alcohol in it helps in fighting pain!

Beer stomach ache

Beer Bread

You can bake delicious bread from beer!

bake bread with beer

Beer pedicure

Soak your feet, just soak it!

Beer feet pedicure

Polish Copper

Anything copper will shine!

beer polish cooper pot

Beer Popsicles

Make these cool beer Popsicles for your next party. Your guests will love it!

beer popsicle


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