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Are we being cheated with the facts? Who is the Real Email inventor?



(Pic – Copyright Certificate issued by US Government )

Do we count the years that we are dealing with E-mails?   In 2015, email completed 32 years.  Yes!  We are using email as our mode of communication for last 32 years. Quite a long journey indeed!

But who gave birth to the concept of email? Do we exactly know who the real inventor of today’s email is?

Can we now have the time to sit and think about it? Surprisingly, the inventor at the time of his invention was in the category of ‘Kid’ and an Indian by birth.


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A Shiva Ayyadurai born in a Tamilian family in Mumbai, now an Indian-American as his parents settled down in New Jersey in 1970. He had designed a “full-scale emulation of the interoffice mail system which he called E-mail, ” in the year 1979. He got the copyright of his programme from the United States Copyright Office where they had issued a Certificate of Registration No TXu-111-775 on the programme in the year 1982.

Today’s email in its present form was the result of V.A Shiva’s coding. He included the features and functions such as – ‘Inbox’, ‘Outbox’, ‘Drafts’, ‘Memo’ including Compose, forward, subject body etc.

Instead of giving due recognition to his merit and invention people and companies are out to malign him. Just for the sake of argument they are showing APPANET – ‘original’ text message, electronic transfer of content or images.

But, they have just missed the fact that Email and Messaging through electronic mode are not the same. If, messaging through electronic medium is the main idea then we cannot deny the inventor of telegraph.   Dr Shiva who holds four MIT degrees is quite assured about his achievement despite personal and professional attacks.  According to him, “It was possible because of good and cooperative mentors.”