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Bra: Can be a friend and enemy


Bras are considered to be a women’s friend as they help them to look their best but getting a perfect size bra is one of the most common concern amongst women. Every woman in her life goes through a phase of bra problem, when she does not get a proper fitting bra. Just like our clothes the size of bras also differs as per the company so it becomes a bit difficult to know which and whose size will fit you which may lead to lots of problems. Some people are totally aware of the bad side of the wrong sized bra can take them to, because of which they fall into them. There are many side effects of wearing a wrong sized or ill-fitted bra and some of them are listed below:

  • Can lead to chronic pain: A wrong sized bra can lead to severe chronic pain in neck, back and shoulder. At times ladies go for wearing small size bra because of which the band and straps becomes too tight to resist, which eventually leads to severe pain.

Can lead to chronic pain


  • Can affect the lymphatic system: A lymphatic system is responsible to take out all the toxins present in our body and improper working of this system can lead to cancer. A wrong sized bra can lead to cancer because when lymphatic system does not work properly, toxins get lodged into the mammary gland which ultimately results to suffering you.

Bras affect the lymphatic system


  • Can cause breathing problem: An ill-fitted bra means all time problem, from resting to working everything seems to be difficult to do as it puts stress on bones and muscles and results into chronic pain. But this stress on bones and muscles can also result in breathing problem which can get serious if you keep wearing ill-fitted bra for longer period.

breathing problem:


  • Can put pressure on diaphragm: If you will keep wearing tight fitted bra then you can even face digestion problem. A tight fitted bra can also lead to fungal infection so one should be very careful and wise while choosing a bra. You can measure your size on own too.pressure on diaphragm

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