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Challenges photographers face around the world – 5th will crack you up!

Do you have a DSLR? And a bunch of different lenses? And a tripod and a monopod and a slider dolly and a lens cleaner kit and a proper lighting setup as well? Do you have those extra freaky camera accessories as well?

Well, this mean your heart and soul lies in photography, isn’t it? Photographers are amazing. They help us capture memories in some of our greatest moments but have you ever thought about the challenges that a photographer might have to face? Take a look at this post to see what challenges photographers around the world face in day-to-day life.

1. “Oh he has a DSLR? Such a wannabe he is!!”


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Just because you have a DSLR and you want to learn photography, you will be called a wannabe. Not your fault. Blame those rich kids who buy the costliest DSLR and start photography pages.


2. “Dude I need a portfolio shoot? You’ll get a lot of exposure!”


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Umm. No!

First of all, I am a photographer and I am not doing this for fun and giggles. I need to earn my bread and butter doing this and I am pretty sure exposure will only taste as good as air.

Also, I am still learning and hence I don’t really have the best equipment for portfolios.


3. “ ‘Hey there’s this party, will you come?’  ‘Sure!’ ‘I mean bring your camera ☺’”


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People will invite you to gatherings, events and parties BUT only because you have a camera and you have to act as a photographer there. Yeaaahh, not falling for that this time.


4. “Bro make sure the back ground is blurred and I am in focus”


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Because they need a cool profile picture that they can shove it down people’s throat on various social media websites with a quote that doesn’t make sense at all!


5. “I just think of you as a friend ☺ A friend who is just here to take my pics. Basically I am using you to get free pictures.”


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Friendzone is not the correct term for this situation. Let us call it “photographer-zone”, I guess? What this means is that girls will only talk to you because you are a photographer and so that they can get some pics from you.


6. “Lenses – Check; Tripod –  Check; Monopod –  Check; Lens cleaner – Check; What the hell where’s my camera!??!”


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Whenever you go out on a trip you need to carry a lot of things at once. A tripod, a monopod, lenses, lens cleaner, the camera itself and you are all alone while doing this!


But it’s not so bad – it’s amazing!


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Being a photographer is amazing. You click pictures that people view every time they unlock their smartphones, you help them create and save many memories. This makes you awesome and this is what keeps you going as a photographer.
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