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Funny things almost every teacher says to the class

5th September is known as Teachers Day in India as it is the birthdate of the famous Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr. S Radhakrishnan was an academic philosopher who helped bridge the gap between India and the western countries in his time. He was an academic genius and was considered one of the most intelligent people of India. He was the first Vice President of India and Second President of India and served the country for 10 years between 1952-1962.


We all respect our teachers and they deserve all the respect that they get. They have to manage a class of brats and each student in their class has a different personality. I have known some teachers whom I was very close to and I can realize how good their management skills are.

Bringing the best out of students and helping them achieve their dreams is something a very noble soul can do and teachers do that everyday for their life. Teachers can be considered the mentors of people who build a country.

What would we be if we didn’t have teachers who guide/guided us well in our life?

Let us remember our teachers by reading and sharing this post in which I am going to mention some of the funniest and strangest things teachers said to us.

“Hey you!! No, the fellow behind you. STAND UP!!!”


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“Why are you all making so much noise? Is this a fish market or what?”


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“Why do you need to go to toilet all the time?”


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“Speak up loudly! Did you miss your breakfast?”


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“The last batch was so much better. You can just create nuisance and noise.”


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“Do you want to leave the classroom?”


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“What is the joke? Why are you laughing? Tell us we will laugh too.”


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“Why did you forget your homework? Did you forget to eat as well?”


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“Those who did not complete the homework, stand up.”


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“Hey! Stop dreaming and pay attention.”



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And finally… check out this video to remind all the teachers of your lives, who made you laugh, who made you cry and who made you what you are today..

Let us all take this post in good humor and let us all remember all our teachers whom we have been missing since long. Our teachers were awesome. Share this post to spread the word.