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They Gave Disposable Cameras to 100 Homeless People. When did I saw the Result? I Have No Words


Here we are presenting some lists of photos which tell the stories of homeless individuals. Let’s explore this information one by one.

Some Shots:

  • “Cutty Sark Photobomb by ROL” – It is actually a cover photo. Mr. Bond is the good friend of the photograph which hanging around the visitors attractions.

Cutty Sark Photobomb by ROL


  • “Tyre Break” by Desmond – This photo was taken by Desmond in that a woman was having her coffee on the tyre. This is good places for those who are mentally sick.

Tyre Break” by Desmond


  • “Bags for Life” – This was the first photo taken by Tovey. He was in the army and also had a restaurant, but due to some reasons he had lost everything.

Bags for Life


  • “Light At the End” – This photo was taken in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Light At the End


  • “London Calling” – This photo was taken by XO by chance. It was rainy day and he was trying to decide the angle when a man came by along umbrella.

London Calling


  • “Past & Future” – This photo was taken to represent what is in London and what was. The new structure was built in 2003 and smaller in 1532.

Past & Future


  • “Color Festival” – This photo was taken Goska Calik when she was five. She had become homeless owing her illness. Now she is part time support workers.

Color Festival


  • “Tower Bridge Picnic” – She intended to capture this moment on a very hot day in a crowded space.

Tower Bridge Picnic


  • “Royal Geese Sunset” – This is the photo taken in Kensington Gardens by Maciek Walorski. After working in nights, he became homeless and left him very depressed.

Royal Geese Sunset


  • “Left Boot” – Taken by Ellen Rostant and she feels very odd to see one left this boot.

Left Boot


  • “West End Bird” – Zilvinas Vaiteikuna says, “‘The test I needed to overcome was to find a course in my life that would keep me glad and satisfy me as an individual. Thus, for I found that it is innovativeness.”

West End Bird


  • “The Artist” – Michael Crosswaite did not have any intention to take it out. Actually, this is the way to return his photo. All the credits he has given to artists for enhancing the photo.

The Artist


  • “Shadow of Self” – In Hyde Park, at the base of the Isis statue Goska Calik snapped this. Here the shadow represents her homelessness.

Shadow of Self


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