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Here’s how to make your teacher feel special on Teacher’s day!

Teachers are the guides who show us the path of life and guide us through in the early years of our life. They teach us great things and provide us values that make us the great human beings. If people are the building blocks of a society then teachers are the architects who design them.

So, it is Teacher’ Day and you should do something to thank your teacher and to make them feel special on this occasion. In this post you will find some ways that you can use to make your teach feel special on the occasion of teacher’s day and ways to thank them as well.

Gift them something useful


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Who doesn’t like gifts? Gifts are one of the most thoughtful ways of thanking or showing gratitude towards a person. You can choose a really nice gift for your teacher that they can use in their day-to-day life.

You can choose from a wide variety of things like a nice Pen, a greeting card or a nice planner that they can use. Whatever you gift them, just spend some time in thinking about the gift.

Decorate their classroom and prepare a nice greeting for your teacher


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Almost every teacher will complain if the classroom they have to visit is dirty. Clean it up, decorate it and prepare a nice greeting for each teacher who is going to be in the class that day.

Give them a thank you note


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A simple yet sweet way of showing gratitude is giving your teacher a thank you note. You can write good things about them and also mention a story that you remember. Make it something nice and sweet and your teacher will love them.

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Call them if you are out of school/graduated


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If you have graduated from your institution then just call them or go meet them on teachers day. This will mean a lot to them and they will be more than happy to see you. It will also make them proud that their student still remembers them till this day.

Pay EXTRA attention in their classes

Chemistry Teacher with Students in Class

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This will pleasantly surprise them if you focus a bit more in their classroom in their courses. This will not only help you grasp the concepts better, but they will also be happy.

Follow their teachings & become a better person

Female Teenage Student Studying In Classroom With Teacher

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Never argue with them. They have the knowledge and power to guide you to become a successful individual. With their teachings and values you can achieve the greatness in your life.

So, go on and celebrate teacher’s day and let your teachers know that you value them a lot.