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National Cat Day Special: Here are some fun facts about Cats!!

Cats are cute right? But they can be jerk sometimes. Remember the last time your cat intentionally dropped that glass from the table? Just for the fun it was looking for? Yes, that is the kind of jerkiness I am talking about.




But cats are adorable little creatures that we all love. Some people think Cats bring bad luck into a house and to them I say SHUT UP.


How can a cute and adorable thing like a Cat be a negative thing to pet?


By the way, the National Cat Day is coming up and we wanted to post this article about some great facts about Cats to honor these little spawns!


Let’s get right into it.

Cats can sleep for 16 hours a day!




Man, I wish I could sleep for 16 hours a day but all the work I have to do along with the bills I have to pay, I really cannot. Cats must be so lucky!

Cats can make about 100 different sounds




A Cat definitely has a plethora of moods. From being sweet to adorable and from being angry to being a jerk. They have a sound to make for every mood of theirs.

Cats always fall and land on their legs




No matter what height and no matter what pose cats always land on their legs and these legs are padded and bones are a bit disjoined to provide the shock absorption from falling.

Cats can’t taste sweetness




Cats don’t have the sensation of sweetness on their tongue and unlike dogs they are not able to taste sweet things at all. But as you can see in the gif above, they do hate lemons. 😉

Cat’s brain is much more similar to that of a human



A cat’s brain is biologically much similar what a human’s brain looks like. They feel emotions in the same way a human does.

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