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Nirbhaya Rape Case: A Tribute To Her Best Friend

It has been three years and he still can’t forget the brutal incident that had shaken up his life completely.. In front of his own eyes, he witnessed his girlfriend getting raped by six animals in a running bus during a chilly winter evening in Delhi!

The guy fought till  the time he could, beaten up and thrown away from the bus completely naked! They snatched his cell phone, robbed him and beat him with an iron rod. Both of them were lying on the road, completely naked and badly bleeding but for different reasons!

But even in this condition, he stood up and tried stopping each vehicle for a piece of cloth to cover up his love which he got after around 40 minutes! He took his girl to the hospital, admitted her and informed the family members.

But if you think, things could be otherwise too!

He could have fled from the spot leaving her naked, but he did not!

He could have gain popularity and claimed money, but he did not!

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Yes, he could also have claimed the money from Govt for his treatment, but did he? No, he did not!

What can be the better example of friendship then this one! No, we are not talking about some film star or celebrity here!

Yes, we are talking about Awindra Pratap Pandey, the guy from Gorakshapur in Uttar Pradesh! The guy who loved his girl from the core of his heart!

When the whole nation was talking about the injustice happened with Nirbhaya, nobody took care of Awindra! Coming to my point, when this guy is somewhere lost in anonymity, do we really need to celebrate any other day except 16th Dec, as the friendship day?

This is a pledge from me or a suggestion or whatever you want to consider, wouldn’t it be better if we Indians celebrate Friendship Day on 16th December in order to salute the spirit of this true friend?

What do you think about it? Share your opinion in the comments below and also, if you feel the same, share this message throughout your friend circle 🙂



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