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Nostalgia: Games I Used To Play In Childhood And You Might Too!!

Poshampa Bhai Poshampa!! Sau rupee ki ghadi churayi!!

Aais picee!!

Mila Mila Saathi, Bemila Chor!!

Chidiya Udd!!

Hi guys.. do you remember these phrases? These phrases and some other were the important part of our childhood days, weren’t they? Unlike the digital world of today, our childhood was more about friendship, caring and fun! Don’t agree? Well, you would when you will walk down with me to the memory lane of our childhood.

Presenting here some awesome (and when I say awesome, I mean super super awesome :P) childhood games that we all used to play during our childhood, from afternoon to dawn (and when I say down, I mean till the time mom walks out of our house, pull ear and say ab to ghar chal le, aadhi rat ho gai”!! 😛

So are you ready guys??

Chhupan Chhupai/ Hide n Seek :

One of my favorite games when the electricity is gone! Have you ever wondered how hide and seek became “Chhupan Chhupai”? But that’s not the weirdest part! Remember the starting of the game with the counting of 1 to 10 in a singing way by the denner.. and then “Main aa rha hoon

Main aa raha hoon

and our response “Abhi nhi!!!”

Abhi nahi

And when the one of the player got caught, the phrase “Aaispicee!!


Guys, did you know it’s actually “I Spy!!” Lol, even I had no idea till many many years 😛

I Spy!!


Pitthu/ Sitoliya/Lagori/Tippu :



The desi version of seven stones, another most played childhood game in India! I mean who can forget the joy of hitting those seven stones and hiding from the ball, that surely felt like heaven, isn’t it? I must say, this game has really saved hundreds of my boring evenings!

Chor Police/ Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi :

Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi


Do you remember the popular dialog mere mantri kon?” Yes, definitely we are talking about “Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi!!” God knows how much I used to love this game during my school hours!

Poshampa Bhai Poshampa :

Poshampa Bhai Poshampa


‘Laal Quile Mein Kya Hua
Sau Rupaye Ki Ghadi Churayi
Ab Toh Jel Mein Jana Padega
Jail Ki Roti Khani Padegi
Jail Ka Pani Peena Padega
Ab Toh Jail Mein Jana Padega…’

Remember the mystery of lal quila to putting the victim behind the bars, it was the real fun and entertaining game that I cherish always!

Pakdam Pakdai :

Pakdam Pakdai


And how can we forget running around like our back is on fire just to stay untouched by the ‘denner’! Only I know how many times I have even hurt myself in the game 😛 But all in all, I love.. love…eeed the game!!

Langdi Tang :

langdi tang


We guys were so fond of running that we could do it on one leg too!! 😛 The game really made us look like crazy chicken but no harm! afterall it helped us learn Bhangra 😛 😛 Agree or not?

Kanche/Marbles :

I am still thankful to anyone who invented this game! I mean how can we forget those beautiful green marbles! We could play it anywhere anytime and the joy to win and take away all the marbles was hard to describe in the words!

Not to forget our Bollywood villains are also huge fan of this game, check out here!



Chidiya Udd :

Chidiya Udd


Chidiya Udd
Tota udd
Maina Udd
Kutta Udd..

Oh Out Out!! afterall a kutta (dog) can’t fly, right! So you are out from the group and the process starts again, chidiya udd.. maina udd.. gandha udd.. and so on! Played since ages, if you remember any of your kutta udd experience, do share with us in the comments below.

Marram Pitti/Mar Dadi/Desi Dodgeball :



One of those games where the least famous kid among the group was purposely tortured and targeted by throwing hard tennis ball! The game was quite like a battlefield where you don’t have a single friend! Though I hated this game as I was the one who used to be beaten till hell!!

Tippi Tippi Tap :

Tippi Tippi Tap


Tippi Tippi Tap! Which color you want? I want red!!

Well, no matter how silly it looks now, we must admit most of us have learnt the recognition of color and spellings from this stupid game, agree or not?

When it comes to our childhood games, no digital game can beat that, right? If you know any other game that I missed, do mail us, we will happily include that in the article! And if this article has reminded you of your childhood, share this with your childhood friends too 😛

And finally a video submitted by one of our user who never learnt how to spin the lattu 😛

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