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One shocking selfie that helped a dying whale!!

dying whale

The Selfie with the whale (Photo courtesy – Michael Riggio/Instagram)

Believe it or not, this is true. One selfie with a whale just saved its life and the incident took place in the Middle Harbour, north of Sydney. Gone are the days when Whales were labelled as ‘Killer.’ These days Whales need much more than killing humans. They seek human friendship and help to solve their problems. In a rare and one of its kind incidents, one whale asked for help from a group of fishermen who were in the Middle Harbour preparing for their share of big catch.

They were just shocked to see a whale swam up and nudged one of their boats in a surprise appearance. Excited with the sudden turn of events, one of the fishermen Michel Riggio(17) tried for a selfie with that whale.  But as he and his mates found out that the whale wanted them to remove two plastic bags and fishing lines that stuck in its mouth.

Eventually, the whale got it removed as one of the fishermen stretched from the boat to clear the garbage from its mouth.

This intelligent mammal first tried one of the bigger boats for help but that attempt was unsuccessful. So, it tried the other one by popping its head out of the water and circled around the boat.

dying whale

The whale with garbage in its face (photo courtesy Ron Kovacs)

Ivan Iskenderian, friend of Micheal Riggio did the cleaning and described the experience as surreal. Ron Kovacs who shot the entire event said he was awestruck by the entire course of event. He narrated that the whale was quite sure about the solution and made the right move.  According to Kovacs, that whale was not dumb and its big eyes fortify this fact. Whale, on the other hand showed its gratitude by flapping its fin as it swam away in the deep sea.