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Real looking artificial life

Technology has made lots of advancement in its existence. A decade back, nobody knew that someday, someone will come with a real looking artificial life or I should say a human doppelganger. A life which has not born rather has been created with the help of science is none other than the robot. The term robot is not new for anyone as you must have seen one on television or from your own eyes. You must be thinking what is new? Actually there is something new and that, first time in the history of technology and its success, a robot which looks like a human or I should say more natural and real than a normal human has been made. She has been given her master’s face and has been named “Nadine”.


This robot is different from the conventional ones which you must have seen from any sources as she has her own personality. This robot has emotions, moods, and can even greet you and remember your name, which is never-seen-before feature. She has been given her creator’s face which is, Professor Nadia Thalmann, and was invented in Singapore at The Nanyang Technology University. The concept behind making Nadine is the solution to the social problems like shrinking workforce because of which it has become difficult to find reliable and efficient working people. Earlier, robots were made and used to take on dangerous tasks and also in speeding up the performance in various work environments whereas Nadine has been created with a social view, which makes her stand out.

The reason behind making social robot is the problem of shrinking number of reliable workforce which can be replaced by these robots like for taking care of elders at home or for any personal companions. They can even be used for healthcare services in future which hold the power to change the current scenario of increasing problem of decreasing workforce. If the scientific field keeps progressing like this in robotics then, may be in future robots like Nadine will be regularly and easily seen in homes and offices.

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