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Top 10 reasons why we can never be friends with our Dentist!

Remember the awkward scenes from movies and TV shows that reveal how weird it gets when we’re at the dentist? I mean come on, who likes visiting them?! And that deadly chair, with a light on top of it, along with the doctor who, if given a chance, will get into your mouth..!Who likes that? Yet we have our own reasons to detest them. Don’t we?

Waiting line-

People out there look so boring, magazines are outdated and the look that you get from others while we wait.. Not in my favorite thing!


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At the dentist-

The moment you reach at dentist’s!


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Yes, you heard me. And if you’ve ever experienced the dental pain, you know how tormenting it is! All we want to do is run away!


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Extracting Tooth-

Oh damn! My tooth is going to get removed.. What do you expect me to feel! I am obviously screwed!?


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Coz we are busy. We have all the chores in the world to finish than wasting our precious time at the dentist.


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The Cleaning of teeth-

But I brush everyday! How come it’s not clean?! And what’s wrong with my gum?


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And the moment he finds a cavity..!!


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Expensive Bill

The moment we see the bill our dentist makes after torturing us inside!


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 Bad Memories-

The intense bad memories from our childhood! How can we ever forget them? We’re wired that way. We’re sensitive human beings and we don’t believe in repeating those bad experiences from the past.


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After we’re done:

Remember the feeling with we enter the clinic and when we’re done, we realize it wasn’t that bad!


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If you too hate your dentist and visiting a dentist gives you nightmares, share your love oops hate 😛 for the dentists with your friends too!!